Thursday, February 15, 2007

Web Worker Daily | Daylight Savings Update Central

I got the latest XP updates yesterday. One of the updates, that will affect those of us in the United States, fixes automatic daylight savings time changes recently passed by Congress. The link below includes links to the fixes for Max OS X (Tiger and Panther), XP, Exchange, Outlook 2000-2003, Palm OS, Blackberry, etc., etc. It seems like a very comprehensive list, so I wanted to pass it on. If you use Outlook Calendar, every article I read about this update suggests verifying the times with anyone you have appointments with, during the first 3 weeks (or until the previous time change would have taken place). One advantage of Vista and Office 07 coming out so late, is they are updated with the new DST dates. :)


Web Worker Daily| Daylight Savings Update Central

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