Monday, May 21, 2007

Cheetah's GPSMirror detects red-light / speed cameras - Engadget

In the chat yesterday a few people mentioned looking for new GPSs, and then I read the following at engadget:
Cheetah has introduced a GPSMirror that can detect just about anything you'd need to know about whilst cruising down the highway. Sporting a SiRF Star III GPS receiver, anti-glare coating, and the ability to divulge alerts via voice, visuals, or frighteningly loud sounds, this rear view mirror replacement purportedly keeps you informed of upcoming speed cameras [in North Carolina, speed and red light cameras were deemed unconstitutional because of the percentage of the proceeds that went to education. In Charlotte, the receipts were split 50/50 with the picture takers, but because of the lottery, the percentage of receipts has to be higher. So, the city had to give the short fall to the board of education and it was too expensive for the city. :)] of all varieties, radar / laser detectors, and accident zones. Additionally, the device can even display your speed from behind the mirrored glass in case the speedometer in your '72 Beetle has been pleasantly perched on zero for the past decade. The unit supposedly plays nice with your current radar / laser detector, and can relay data via its aural abilities to slow you down. Speedsters can pick up the GPSMirror now for £199.99 ($395), and thanks to the PC-based interface and internet database downloads, there are no monthly fees for its handy services.

Cheetah's GPSMirror detects red-light / speed cameras - Engadget

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