Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chris Pirillo stars in Life 2.0

Chris Pirillo is an ex Tech TVer who co-hosted and hosted Call For Help. He's been broadcasting video of his computer desk all the time, for a few weeks now. Its fascinating to me to watch his mini-shows, he incorporates the chat room, video, his wife ;) I thought the following might be of interest to anybody wanting to talk to the hosts live. Maybe, we could talk them into it? Whaddya say?? Chris highlights what he labels Radio Station 2.0, the next level in Conference Calling Services:

It just occurred to me: all of these conference calling services are a nanometer away from reinventing the way call-in radio shows are done.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of services that will allow you to hold conference calls - some are free, some aren’t. Some are better suited for private calls, some aren’t. There’s a conference calling solution for everybody. Well, almost everybody.
Last night, we did a little conference calling experiment. They assigned me a conference ID to share with the world, then asked me to instruct the callers to press 9 to “raise their hands.” When these callers indicated that they wanted to talk, Erik (from Gaboogie) took them into a private conversation to find out what they wanted to know.
[snip (you will have to click on the url to read what is .....)]
Boom. Evolutionarily revolutionary. Conference calling is about to get VERY hot…

Conference Calling Services: Radio Stations 2.0? ~ Chris Pirillo

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