Saturday, May 26, 2007

Remove Spyware Free - Best Anti-spyware

I have used counter spy to fix other people's computers when I had tried everything else but reformatting (its a control issue :P), and it WORKED! I've been a fan of Sunbelt Software for several years. Their CEO has a blog (I've referred to many times), and they have a presence on Second Life, where they are giving away Counter Spy to 10 lucky people a day! Back on topic (cough cough)... So they've offered a competitive upgrade price of 9.95 for any anti-malware tool (paid OR free)! So I wanted to pass it on.

I apologize if this sounds like an ad, but I've been really impressed with the whole organization and their products and wanted to introduce y'all to Sunbelt Software. :)

Remove Spyware Free - Best Anti-spyware

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