Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Links from the Gregg Zone!"

1) Okay, here we go this is one of my favorite mysteries of all time. I have been looking into this since before I got my first computer; let’s see now that’s about fifteen years? Give or take two or three, anyway I first ran across this subject a very long time ago, and still look into it occasionally to see if anything new has cropped up. As of today they still have no answer, it all began in 1795, yes that would be well over two hundred years ago. There have been six people loose their lives, several family fortunes (some very big ones) lost. A U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, movie star Errol Flynn try and fail, several large companies formed and broken, and countless engineers fail in their endeavors to solve the mystery. If you are not familiar with this one you really should check it out, it is going on right now to this day. That latest link I found is current, Feb. 2007
I am referring to Oak Island in Nova Scotia, they have dug and drilled over two hundred and thirty feet, through oak platforms, iron plates, stone floors, caverns, spruce platforms, layers of coconut fibers (nearest coconut tree 1500 miles away, remember 1795). There are elaborate tunnels that flood the shaft built into the system, it is said that it is an engineering masterpiece. No one even knows what is there, if anything, the original thought was Captain Kidd the pirate buried his treasure here, that changed when they found stone tablets over a hundred feet down that originated in Egypt (traced by geologic composition of the rock) with Coptic (speculation more than one translation) writing on them, speculation goes from treasure, to libraries (they found sheepskin with writing) even to the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, and Knights Templar. The possible connection I’m offering is even further out there than that. This is really one of the most interesting treasure stories ever. I have put up two links, just because I think it deserves some extra attention. You can watch some video here; there are several, plus some info. This is the latest one I found I guess they are turning it into a tourist attraction, complete with lectures and guided tours, wish I lived in the Northeast.
2) I think there may be a connection between this event, The Shag Harbor U.F.O. Incident, and the Oak Island story. They are both within a few miles geographically, both under ground (or water), both unsolved, both seem to require a technology unavailable to the time, and place. It would be an interesting angle for the Art Bell types to research. This is one of the best documented in the field usually rated in the top five, the link is for a YouTube video series by Discovery Science five in all about ten min. each. If you want to read more just google Shag Harbor U.F.O. Incident, there is a lot out there.
3) This one is just for fun a Japanese candid camera type show; I liked it, but consider the source.

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