Sunday, May 13, 2007

One in 10 web pages laced with malware - Google

The link is to a 9 page PDF file which details the Google research that led to the headline above. I found it disturbing, though, oddly enough, not at all surprising. And I guess I'm pretty proud of my security management here at the "ottershouse" LAN because we have not been infected or affected by this.

Those of us who code or maintain web pages are going to have to clean up our acts, but the real need is for browser tools and security applications to combat this and protect the user base who are not technically apt enough to protect themselves.

Along with everything else I do, I think I am going to have to collect a software suite so "my" users can surf with some confidence. There are a lot of tools available and I will share what I find with you as it works out.


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