Saturday, May 19, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) If you are in any way, for or against what is happening on our planet, no matter what your politics or religion, or for that matter lack of any of them. No matter the depth of your apathy you should check out this YouTube flick, a twelve year old girl from Canada addresses the United Nations, about 7 min.

2) If you like to search around the net you might like this site, they claim to list almost a thousand search engines world wide, and adding more daily. Don’t know why, but it seems you can find stuff on these other engines that does not show up on google, although I suspect that they are in the google search, just on page three million and six or something, but that may have a new solution in the works. I will be asking for more discussion about this subject on this week’s show, if the engines use different criteria to complete the search, and if that might create an advantage to widen one’s searching tools, using different engine. Also about Google’s new web history, see next link for more.

3) Another item on searching I ran across an article linked here, about Google going universal. The article is about changes in their search engines. A lot of the changes seem to be a result of Google’s acquisition of YouTube and sound pretty interesting to me. Another thing I found when I was at the Google site looking for more info. They have a program called web history, at least for me this is going to be great, it keeps track of every web site you go to, has a search bar there just for your history breaks everything down into categories like video clips, web sites, images, etc. for a test I just searched maps, it instantly came up with the 89 maps I have looked at since I have been here. I always seem to be loosing a site that I like, no more. You might like to check this out also. Here is a link to the announcement of the new service from 4-19-07

4) An offering for the Art Bell crowd found on one of the above search engines, a site that I have not seen before using Google, in reference to the last referral. This is a link to that area 51 call that got knocked off the air. Says the mp3 takes fifteen min. to load, took about ten sec. for me, if you do listen to it be sure to listen through the silences to the end. It is only about five min. Here is one more A B type site I found interesting, lots of A B type material here with links.

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