Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sun's ZFS is close to perfect, but widely misunderstood

You all have heard me wax enthusiastically about Sun's ZFS (Zetabyte File System) a couple times on the show. It's a tremendous improvement on any existing file system and probably will be the model for all those to follow, at least in part, for quite a while, unless Microsoft's WinFS actually materializes and fulfills all it's promises. In that case; ZFS goes onto large machines and WinFS onto Windows desktops and servers.

Incidentally, Sun is having to defend it's open sourcing of ZFS in court, which may prove interesting.

Here is a one page article that will explain a good deal about ZFS without getting very technical on Tom Yager's blog at InfoWorld. It is worth a read by everyone. For the technically inclined, it will whet your appetite and the rest of us will learn just what all the talk is about.


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