Sunday, January 20, 2008

Geek Meet 2008

Geek Meet 2008 MAY be the weekend of April 11-13 2008 in Las Vegas.

We have received the final contracts for the hotel for Geek Meet. However, in the event that we do not fill the 10 rooms we have requested be blocked, the rate will be going up for each night. As of January 19th, we do not have a commitment from you, our listeners, that we will fill 10 rooms. As such, we have not signed the contract yet. If you are planning on coming to Geek Meet, considering coming to Geek Meet, thinking of coming to Geek Meet, you MUST send us an email to If we do not have a firm commitment that we can fill the 10 rooms by next Saturday, January 26th, we will be considering canceling Geek Meet.

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