Saturday, January 26, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) I was sent this link, I feel the need to put in a small disclaimer here; These links are for your information only, if you feel the need to perform any action based on them you do so at your own risk I am not responsible for any damages incurred as a result of that action. Okay enough of that, this first link is how to make fire with water, a chemical reaction that would have pleased me as a teenager, also might have put me in jail. I am often surprised what subjects can be found on the net how to make an atomic bomb would be included in that venue this is not that bad, or maybe worse, due to availability of ingredients. So if you choose to watch this please be responsible.

2) The disclaimer in the last link would also apply here. This is a how to for an entertainment trick on how to play with fire, as in part of an act a fire-eater, or magician would do on stage. Learn how to juggle and impress your friends at your next party; just try not to impress the local fire department as well.

3) On a little grander scale than just destroying the house and/or neighborhood lets move on to the latest in warfare. I was reading a story on advanced sight for small military robots. Article linked here an interesting article. As a small aside here the iRobot company listed as being licensed for the landar technology is the same company that makes the Roomba automatic vacuum, just incase you might have a few extra bucks to throw into the stock market. Anyway, this article led me to a link on the latest military technology. This site is put up by the Israeli’s, on international defense technology. Some very scary stuff here, but informative if the subject is your cup of tea.

4) Okay we have covered the house, neighborhood, and the country, what is left? How about we take out the entire planet, and do it in the next two days or so. This one has me hoping there will be a show next week. Have you heard about TU24? Probably not, I know it was news to me, I had often heard the question “If there was an asteroid going top hit the Earth would the government tell us about it?” This could be an alarming wake up call to answer that question. I put up a link a while back about the comet Holmes becoming the largest object in our solar system, even larger than the Sun. It seems that was due to a rather newly discovered field of research called a plasma discharge. Sorry it is one of those subjects not listed in my pay-grade description. It appears TU24; an object about the size of the Sears Towers will be missing the planet next week, but will be passing close enough to enter our magnetosphere, if TU24 is a negatively charged object it could trigger a plasma discharge, causing an unknown amount of damage. site is one that was put up only to disclose information about TU24, I found the most information in the FAQ section, you need to navigate from there to “The Real Danger from TU24”, the go button takes you to forums, try the “Real Danger” link first.

5) Last up for the week is a link about the former planet Pluto, and the mission to visit our far-out neighbor. Seems the first photos of Pluto are in, not much to look at, but I found the article about the mission a good read.

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  1. During the discussion in the show, Gregg mentioned the Comet Holmes as being light years away. With a bit of research, I found a mention that the distance from earth was about 2AU, which would be about 17 light MINUTES. Wikipedia has alot of information and links regarding 17P/Holmes if anyone is interested.


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