Sunday, January 20, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) Okay, first up for the week something you will not see from me often, some links regarding football. The first is a Youtube link showing an unbelievable play in college football. The second is an audio of the coach prepping the team on the play http://www.slatev.comI was most impressed with the sportscaster being able to get the calling of the action right. Any way I thought it was interesting, even though I know nothing little about the game.

2) This is a geek thing I ran across basically a clickable cartoon strip for geeks, if everyone has already seen it I apologize it was new to me, thought some of you may have missed it so here it is.

3) I have no idea how many of you are familiar with dowsing, this is a favorite subject of mine, but I am usually reluctant to bring it up, when I do I get those funny looks. Well this just seemed to be the time, so here I go. It was several years ago when I ran across this subject, I had off and on heard mention about water witches. One day I decided to look in to it, was surprised to read it is a serious subject; many municipal governments use them, also mineral, oil, and gas companies. When I read about pendulum dowsing, I decided to try it. I expected nothing, thought it was bunk just a lot of hooey. I was surprised when I got results, and I mean immediate results worked first time, every time. While I am still confused about the how and why, not sure about the quality of the answers I get, it is not always correct. Then there is that bit about correctly asking the question, you need to be careful about ambiguities, avoiding those questions that can be interrupted differently. I find that just the fact it works to be completely amazing. This is the best link I have found for a beginner to investigate the subject. Try it for yourself; I think that you to will be surprised, by the fact that it will give you answers to your questions. This link gives you the choice of language, and HTML or PDF

4) This is for those who used to be so much better than I was with a yoyo; you deserve this now you will know how I felt. I was lucky to get it to come back up the string more than once. Any yoyoist (pardon) types out there should really like this video. He is the best I have seen, ever. http://toocoolvideos.blogspot.coml

5) I just thought I might put up a vacation destination for the Art Bell types out there, the brave ones any way. I found this while looking around for places I might like to relocate to, it is just one of those pipe dreams I occasionally think about, moving to a rural area. Well Southern Colorado; and Northern New Mexico were areas I was looking into. Then I found this I may have to check this area off my list, as it seems I would have to have nerves of steel, or brains of wax to consider moving here. Then again, it may be interesting, trouble is it might be to damn interesting. There are two parts, separate links. Part one: Part two:

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