Sunday, March 23, 2008

Links from the Gregg zone

1) First link up for the week, I am going to start with a visit back to the subject of savants, those extraordinary people with talents that boggle the mind. What caught my eye about this story was the title “The Human Camera”, this is about a man who after taking one helicopter over a city can draw (without any drafts, or aids) a complete photographic panoramic style drawing of the city. Accurate to the number of windows in the buildings, degrees of curve in the streets, you have to see this it is just fantastic. Complete with video

2) This link is one that I alluded to last week, but did not post, so I am correcting that here. This is supposedly the most extensive parts store in the world, at least according my original reference. They say you can find a part for almost anything here. I am looking for a shelf that I managed to break a couple of years ago in my refrigerator. I have not had the time to look for it, and I need to sell something on Ebay to pay for it. I will let you know what happens, when I get to it. In the mean time if you need a thing here is the link

3) Now here is one that Joe sent me, as someone who surfs a lot one of the most frustrating things to see is the page you are looking is unavailable. I have always been at a loss when this happens. Joe has sent me a link to help solve the problem, and find those missing pages. I just got it yesterday and have not had a chance to try it yet, but it looks very promising.

4) This will be a couple of links about the “Battle of L.A.”, one of my favorite possible U.F.O. stories, five years before Roswell. This happened at the beginning of the war just a few months after Pearl Harbor in Los Angeles. There was an object off the coast fired on extensively by anti-aircraft guns. Thought to be a blimp or balloon, have to wonder why they could not bring it down. The first link is to a Youtube video with the original news broadcast. The second link is to a article with new updated analysis of the photographic evidence,

5) Last up this time around, I kind of like these Easter egg type stories, recently found a Bugs Bunny cartoon, one of the early ones with a little porn snuck in by one of the artists, but that is not for this blog. Anyway, have you heard about the museum on the moon? Seems someone smuggled some Easter egg type artwork on the Intrepid at the time of its manufacture. Here is the link

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