Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Windows XP: Going, going ... gone?

With XP being the most used operating system in the world, every, and Vista under a cloud of suspicion by potential adopters, the lifespan of XP is a topic worth exploring. This article in Computer World does just that. It explains MS policy clearly, as well as telling you how to keep accessing XP if you wish to.



  1. I'm in no hurry to upgrade. There's 6 years of security updates left for XP. By then, who knows what operating systems will be available?

  2. Hi Agree with you Karu as i was there at windows 2008 product launch and got to know that some what by end of 2008 MS is going to take off its XP support services.

    As they use to have a tendency to come up with a Major release after every 4 year and a minor release after 2 years to its product line.

    And along with that the way they have dominance over the market is that they can go along with their own path lane.


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