Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Links from the Gregg zone

1) First link up for the week the ultimate cat, think lions and tigers are big, well you have not seen Sinbad. In the wild the largest cat is the Bengal Tiger, large male about five hundred pounds, Sinbad tips the scales at a little over nine hundred pounds! Now that’s a cat! Check out the video at

2) Second subject for the week is an environmental technology link. A few weeks back I posted about a submarine that could run without any fuel of any kind other than a few nine-volt batteries to power the small computer control center, operating on the temperature changes at different depths, it continue to travel for months at a time. That had potential, but this tops it in spades. An aircraft that uses only gravity to fly, no fuel ever, other that the energy expenditure in manufacturing, and maintenance, this is as green as it gets. Capable of carrying people, and or freight, we are not talking about a model glider of some sort here. This could be the real thing; only draw back would be time duration of flight. I like this a lot, this is a must see

3) This is from an article I was reading about London needing to do something to house future residents, my attention caught by the numbers, 100,000 people living in one building. Thinking about the world population expansion verses available land needed to sustain them, still maintaining some wild areas; it appears we need to do something. Maybe vertical cities would be an answer, thinking about the post I put up a while back about vertical farming combined with a few of these tower type cities, maybe we can handle a few more billion.

4) Now for the tech link of the week, if you have not heard about Microsoft’s new project set to start in the spring of 2008, oh wait that would be about now. Check it out the world telescope, I have posted three links for this one first an article in Science Magazine, next a link to the introductory announcement video, by Roy Gould and Microsoft’s Curtis Wong at the Ted site, and the main site at

5) Last up for the week when looking at the links about the fuel less airplane I saw a reference to the walk along glider, the comment about not being in production any more making it a collector’s item got my Ebay juices flowing. I was surprised when I searched it there not to find any. This got me to googling around and I found a site showing how to build one, with some interesting videos,

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