Sunday, August 16, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting off this week I am going to give in to something I have kind of avoided for a while, because in the beginning Joe asked me to stay away from politics. I do not see this as political, but have talked to some people who do, but then I know people who consider it a religious topic to discuss which came first the chicken or the egg. Anyway I have been a member of the Pickens Army for quite a while now. There was a clean air national summit here in Las Vegas last Monday. The most interesting point to me was about the 18 wheelers, there are currently six and a half million of them on our roads today. They cannot be powered by electricity, at least not with today’s technology, but if we were to convert them to natural gas; that change alone would reduce our dependency on foreign oil by 50%. That is in my mind a very big deal and something we could do easily, with a minimum of expenditure compared to most proposals. I like videos so the link goes to the video section of the site, but you can always click the home button, if you have not checked this out please do.
2) Okay I realize this borders on the frivolous especially for some one who just had their 63rd birthday, by the way is there something about 63 that causes your friends to go over the edge, an electronic birthday card via email is one thing, you can choose to ignore them. But, to pollute a persons answering machine is quite another, sorry for the rant but I just had to comment, lets just move on. This site will give you 15 illustrated ways to lace your shoes. I told you it was frivolous, well maybe not for the young, at my age it just illustrates how complicated simple things can get.
3) This is one that Troll sent me that caught my eye, thanks Troll always enjoy stuff you send me even if I don’t use it here it’s always a good read. It amazes me how people as a whole ignore the possibilities until they see the proof. There was a time when the prevailing paradigm was the Earth is flat, the Sun revolves around us, more recently we are the only planet with water, ergo intelligent life. In the not to distant past, like months ago, I would still hear how unique our solar situation is, distance from the Sun, size of our moon, position of Jupiter to protect us, and all the rest. Then it seems over and over advancements in our technologies seem to prove we are not quite as unique as we think we are. This is just one more of those examples, we have witnessed the collision of near by planets, much like the one that created, and placed our moon in its current orbit. When you consider time on a universal scale as in billions of years, the odds of us observing such an event in our little corner of the cosmos must indicate it is not rare at all. Story link here
4) This is for me one of those sites that just attract me, during the times when there is nothing on T.V., nothing very interesting going on, chores are all caught up, just looking to sit in my chair and give in to distraction. A very nice radio site, offering a variety of shows covering the paranormal, conspiracies, metaphysical, science, ghosts, and the like. He has 39 radio shows, 1227 episodes, totaling 1994 hours of free online radio. If you like radio on the edge this might be right up your alley.
5) Last week I used a link about tactile holograms, new technology coming out to allow a person to feel by touch, or tactile sensation an interaction with a hologram, like feeling the rain on your hand. Well this is another along that same line; this new technology will allow you to feel the tactile interaction of your avatar. The gaming world, and porno people are very interested, but it would also be a major advancement for people who are paralyzed, or use prosthetics. A very interesting article, the implications are endless

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