Thursday, August 20, 2009

Secure Online Banking Discovered at BofA

I have just discovered a way to do online banking very securely. I am sure some of you have this already but my current bank did not do this type of secure banking online that I "discovered" at Bank of America. Not only do they have an ID and password login as WaMu does but they also issue a SiteKey that you set up and use to verify you are "really" at a BofA website. The SiteKey has a custom word and symbol picture that you set up to verify you are at the correct site. But that's only half of it. You can also set up SafePass for your online session. SafePass sends you a 10 minute valid (only) passcode for free via text messaging (or a card). You use it during your login session to make it super secure. And I have a PayAsYouGo (cheap) cellphone without text messaging! You can also set up about 20 different alerts on your account to be sent to email or cellphone. It works great. I will talk more about this on the show. - Earl

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