Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Should You Be Looking For A Hard Drive Upgrade? : A Hard Drive Upgrade: Is Now The Time? - Review Tom's Hardware

"Most desktop PCs
bought or built in the past five years are probably using hard drives in the capacity range of 80 GB to 250 GB. Recent price drops in the hard drive market mean that most current drive generation is more attractive than ever before. You can get 1 TB hard drives for less than $100 now."

I have always had a problem using used drives. I think nothing of pulling a drive from a computer with a dead motherboard and installing it into one of my machines. I can't tell you how many times I got a computer all configured the way I want it and the drive I used died on me in a short time.

I never though of system performance when it came to hard drives, Maybe I should get a new 1TB drive for my new computer to see it really fly! The only problem I have with large drives for the OS is the amount of time it takes to scan then. (like in chkdsk0

Maybe it's just time!


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