Thursday, November 19, 2009

Apple machines are less reliable - The Inquirer

"Laptops from Toshiba and Sony were nearly 40 per cent more reliable than those from HP."
This is interesting, I have been saying Dell or HP, I guess I need to rethink my recommendations. "Acer, Gateway and HP had failure rates significantly higher than the average," the report said. I know Acer/Gateway/eMachine support is not one of my favorites. I had a customer with a new Acer desktop in 6 weeks the hard drive failed, I contacted Acer for the customer and was told they (Acer) would not ship me a new hard drive we (the customer) had to ship the whole computer back to them for replacement. That cost my customer an extra $50 for shipping.
I know Riley has a Toshiba and is very happy with it and has been for a few years.

I hope my new Netbook last. I got it from Costco and they give you a 2 year warranty.


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  1. This means nothing unless there is a breakdown of what types of failures.


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