Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trial/crapware banished from PCs bought from Microsoft store

"That's not really a great way to show off your new OS. After all, customers are expecting to get their new machines home and see performance from the get-go. While Microsoft can't control what makes it out the door at other retail stores, they're putting PCs they sell at their own store on an application diet."

A lot of people are buying new PC's now that Windows 7 is out. Your Windows XP PC is a bit long in the tooth! Now for under $500 you can get a new PC and LCD monitor, sometimes less.

When you get that new PC it's full of Trial/ crapware, this article has a link to help you remove it and help you install the apps you want and need, apps like Firefox, Skype, Open Office, ETC. In case you are to lazy to read this article here is the link to remove crapware.

Enjoy your new PC with Windows 7, I love mine!


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