Sunday, November 15, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) To start off the week as usual something green, or car, or the way I really like it a green car idea, or in this case a reality. Coming soon to Austin Texas, like very soon if not already there. The article I am using is from March this year, and they are calling for a roll out this fall. I am talking about “car2go” kind of like a zip car but better, and easier. With the zip you need to return it, and pay until you do. With car2go you just park it anywhere in the city limits, and you are done, just lock and leave. Sign up on line; locate a car using your phone, or computer. Reserve or just go on the fly, pay by min., hr. or day, gas, insurance, repairs, everything provided. This really sounds like a very user friendly system.
2) Sticking with favorite subjects, I am going to offer one on food. This is a very nice site for anyone who is concerned about what you eat. It is put up by Whole Foods a clickable listing of the worlds healthiest foods. There are 129 foods listed, you click on one and you get, a description, nutrient chart, health benefits, history, how to select and store, recipes, health concerns, and a reference list of where the info came from. I have not found anything as easy to use and informative when it comes to understanding what you are eating as this
3) Now we are going to step into one of the more interesting areas of the zone. There has been quite a bit of rumor, and speculation floating around the net lately about whether or not Obama is going to be the disclosure president. The entire UFO situation is going off the charts these days, for some reason the U.S. is holding back, activity worldwide is increasing expediently, and a lot of other countries are wondering what’s up with us, why are we holding back? Some of this is coming from sources not usually considered to be that far out. Like the Vatican there are some very interesting links in this article. The main argument is that they are releasing bits and pieces to prepare us for disclosure
4) Here is another extremely interesting link dealing with the subject of computers, and mind. The article titled “Mind Reading (Neural Decoding) Goes Mainstream”. Along with some very interesting reading are four super videos, the first is a segment from Sixty Minutes on what is going on in the field. I liked the part where they read Lesley Stahl’s thoughts and got ten for ten correct. The second is a video from a tech show showing “Geek Girl” using the “Star Wars Force Trainer”. The third is from Emotive on their new headset, I did a link on this last year, but they seem to have come a long way. You can use the headset to give your avatar facial expression to match yours, or in a game change the intensity of the action by its reading your thought process, even control the game with out using your hands, thought alone. And the last video is from Honda connecting your mind to a robot, wheel chair, or your house you think it is a little cool in here and the house reads your thoughts, adjusts the thermostat. Check them all out here, very cool site
5) This geek link comes from Troll, thanks again. I was particularly caught by the line Intel will pay AMD 1.25 billion dollars in cash within thirty days. Like they will just take it out of petty cash, or what. I have to admit I am not familiar with this action at all, have not had time to read the article in full yet. But, I think tomorrow I will have to check out a graph of AMD’s stock chart just out of curiosity. Sometimes numbers can be a little unsettling.

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