Monday, April 18, 2011

Opening a can of worms

So far I've had one request to change the font on the blog. I thought the request was to change it to Arial, which when I checked is the current font for the text. So I guess the request is to change it from Arial. I'm not sure to what. Of course then problem is that when you change something for one person, it affects others. However, for the sake of readability, I'm willing to look into it. So what do you think? Do you find the Arial (that I did enlarge from the Blogger default) readable, or do you need something else?

As an aside, remember most browsers allow you to override the font of the web page with your own font selection. So for those with particular vision problems, I suggest setting your own default text font that will appear in place of that already selected by the web page. Also, most browsers allow you to zoom at will. I know that my mouse has a button that when pressed turns the scroll wheel into a zoom wheel. But if you don't have that try something like Control+<+> and Control+<->.  That is what I do (use the zoom) on web sites that seem to think reading micro-mini type enhances the user experience.

Anyway, let me (and all of us for that matter) know your thoughts about it.


  1. K7JK_jonny3:48 PM

    Hi Gail:

    I believe I was the one that mentioned changing the font. I should have said Arial BOLD. My real comment is that the font used on the main OC site is much darker and (at least to me) easier to read.

    I am aware that I can enlarge the size and even have a button on my mouse for that, but it's just that this font seems a lot thinner and therefore less readable than the one on the OC site.



  2. Thanks for the clarification and the input, jonny. I certainly empathize with readability issues since I have a set of aging eyes, myself. This font is thinner than a bolded font would be.

    I believe the font used on the OC site is Times New Roman and sometimes fonts with serifs are easier for some to read.

    If anyone else is having an issue or has a suggestion, please let me know. What I'm looking for here is a consensus from a number of readers on the font.

  3. K7JK_jonny8:37 PM

    Gail - I don't want to belabor this issue, but the source code on the OC site says the font is a bold sans serif, which is what I see in my browser (FF) - and, personally I prefer sans serif fonts and the bold makes it stand out and easier to read IMO.

    Anyway, it would be nice if anyone else had an opinion and weighed in :).


  4. Not to belabor it either, but you are right. Sorry for my mistake. I was looking at the text font for the Gregg Zone, which is TNR, not realizing that was not the font in the page style.

    Except for the headings and what I would call title lines, the san serif font it is not bolded on the OC Web site. The article text is the same weight, just smaller than our blog text. At least on my 24 in. monitor.

    These things are so variable from computer to computer. Because it handles sizing differently from my computer, both OC Blog fonts and OC Web site san serif fonts you cited look exactly the same on my iPad.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what others are seeing on their displays.


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