Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's App Corner

This week I should call it yesterday's app corner. I was on the road an didn't get a chance to post. So maybe we should leave it as this week's app which is Stitcher.

For a change this app is available on many platforms, not just iOS and Android, but Blackberry, and Palm as well. Stitcher is a comprehensive aggregator of live and on demand audio feeds. It includes streaming versions of many of the top podcasts and radio shows out there. It is well laid out and hasn't crashed yet. You can save your favorites, which is a good thing since the listings are so comprehensive, it may be difficult to find something again through the menus. Of course you can always do a search.

This app does what is does very well. Oh and I almost forgot, but if you subscribe to a premium podcast that you want to hear through Stitcher, it will allow you to input your username and password for that, too. In my opinion you have everything to gain and little to lose by setting up a free Stitcher account and trying it out.

You can find it here:

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