Thursday, April 21, 2011

Researcher: Apple iPhone location tracking has been no secret

From the article:
"As reported Wednesday, the two programmers presented details of an iOS 4.0 database file, usually unencrypted, created on the iPhone and then synced to a user’s Mac. This file contains thousands of time-stamped latitude and longitude pairings, apparently based on cell tower triangulation calculations. The data is a very detailed track of where the iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) has been. The programmers created an open source application, called iPhone Tracker, that plots the data on a map, so the user can see the track of the device's locations."
So far I've been unable to find this file on my Windows 7 computer though I have no doubt that it exists. I'd actually enjoy seeing what is there, but I wouldn't be too happy about anyone else seeing it without my consent.

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