Saturday, November 12, 2005

CNet's Take on Sony's Withdrawal of Copy Protected CDs

I'm PO'd enough about this that I wonder if it's time for a letter writing campaign or a boycot, or both. Certainly Sony is not getting any more of my money.

People who never, ever care about things like this are up in arms. My wife's parents are afraid and angry! I find that both interesting and quite unique. I've had to remove the thing twice, using the Sophos tool. Even our government, in it's Homeland Security incarnation, tsk, tsk'd at the problem.

I'm not one for this kind of retaliation, but Sony's arrogance angers me so that I think we ought to let them know just how we feel. More on this later, including addresses to write to.



  1. Couldn't agree with you more Jack. Been following since Mark's blog on and frankly can't believe Sony's arrogance. I've no problem with artists & companies protecting their content and making an honest profit but this took it way too far. The average consumer probably doesn't know or care what a rootkit is; they only want to listen to the music, and Sony blatently exploited this. Sony should pay and pay big for this arrogant mistake and this should send a message to other companies that the consumers aren't going to accept this sort of irresponsible behavior. Will continue to follow this with great interest. Thanks for lettin' me rant a bit. John B.

  2. Mark Russinovich on Sony DRM Rootkits
    A brief interview with the author of rootkit revealer, Courtesy of the Chris Pirillo Show.



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