Friday, November 11, 2005

"Pay to drive in Manhattan? Yeah, right."

From the NY Times article: The idea is to charge drivers for entering the most heavily trafficked parts of Manhattan at the busiest times of the day. By creating a financial incentive to carpool or use mass transit, congestion pricing could smooth the flow of traffic, reduce delays, improve air quality and raise the speed of crawling buses."

The reason for posting this? Well, there are some intriguing technical/security issues, "Drivers could be required to prepay traffic fees, either online or at street-level vending machines. Video cameras would capture license plates of vehicles in the payment zones, and allow the city to match cars to accounts, people familiar with the study said. Failure to pay would result in a fine. No toll barriers would be involved."

P.S. Listening to the latest Security Now podcast about WPA encryption. Wanna know more? Check out the podcast, here.
P.P.S. I'm also planning on posting a picture of my motherboard, but have been too busy to take it.

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