Thursday, November 10, 2005

Visual Studio Express

If you have ever wanted to dabble in Microsoft, here is your chance. MS is offering Visual Studio Express for free. Yes, folks, that is "free as in beer" free. The offerings include Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edtion; Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition; Visual C# 2005 Express Edition; Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition; Visual J# 2005 Express Edition; and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. Pretty neat, eh?

This offer will only last for one year -- until November 7, 2006 after which time you will have to pay to play. However, you will not have to pay if you downloaded prior to this date. It really is free. So go and have some fun courtesy of the boys and girls in Redmond.

Most questions about this can be answered by the FAQ .

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