Friday, November 11, 2005

Upgrade the Linksys WRT54G with open source firmware - Engadget

" A couple of years ago, Linksys — under pressure from the open source community — released the firmware under the GPL, and since then, developers have taken it apart and put it back together again, adding new features, including the ability to run the WRT54G as a VPN or VoIP server, a RADIUS server, or even as a full-fledged (albeit very low-end) computer. WiFi Planet has a good rundown of the options available to WRT54G hackers, along with lots of warranty-voiding tips; the site estimates that by upgrading the firmware, you can turn the WRT54G into the equivalent of a $600 workhorse. "
This is neat. Anybody want to experiment on their router, and tell us the results on the show? I have a netgear, so I can't try. But, I thought that we might have some readers that will try it out.


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