Friday, January 06, 2006

Dell shows 20 inch notebook at CES

Dell is showing a "concept" notebook with a 20.1 inch display at The Consumer Electronics Show. It is armed with very good speakers and microphones and seems aimed at multimedia applications, including teleconferencing. No plans for shipping were given, though a representative did say "soon".

There is a reason no other member of the cast disagreed with my prediction that by the end of this new year notebooks (of all sizes and including tablets) would account for 62 to 65% of all PC sales. As this develops, two trends are evident. One is to smaller, lighter, thinner notebooks and the other toward what can only be described as true desktop replacement machines. While these are portable, they are heavy and large. The extremes in size form the two poles in terms of sales. Notebooks in between the poles, while selling well, are unlikely to have the appeal and sales of the largest or smallest units.

I'm sure this Dell is but one of a new wave of true desktop replacement notebooks. It sure looks attractive.


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  1. Recall that Apple started shipping a 20" laptop two years ago. Remember the Mini-Me ads? Believe me, a 20-incher is a helluva slog on a plane trip.


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