Thursday, January 05, 2006

WMF Official Microsoft Patch

It arrived via automatic download sometime this afternoon. I was away from my computer and when I returned there was the little yellow shield icon in my system tray telling me that an update from Microsoft had arrived. The information I have says that it was released at 2 pm EST. It looks like I got it automatically about three hours after that -- about 2 pm PST. If you haven't yet, uninstall the hexblog WMF vunerability patch if you installed it. Everyone needs to install the official patch from Microsoft. I just did that and it went smoothly.

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  1. Huffie2:01 PM

    For those with older computers, I note that the release notes say that Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Millennium Edition are not critically affected by the WMF bug.

    Seems when you unravel the "MS speak", it appears that maybe a .wmf could be crafted to maybe crash IE or do something odd, but can't be used to take over a Win9x system. This would agree with the exploit tests that I have done so far, which have failed to do anything to a Win9x system.

    At this time, the proper thing to tell people running Win98, 98se and ME is to not worry, and to use safe computing practices (which they should always be using anyway).


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