Saturday, January 07, 2006

Want To Try An Honest-to-Goodness Web App?

Writely is a web-based word processor and collaboration application. I"ve been using it all day with another author to collaborate on a magazine piece. It works excellently in Firefox on Windows and with just a bit of clunkiness in either FF or Konqueror on Linux, though it is certainly usable on the alternative platform.

If the pundits are to be believed, and I don't see why they shouldn't be, web-based apps are the shape of things to come. Here's a chance to dip your toe into the water, albeit in a small way.

I am not yet ready to give up my Open Office installations. OO 2.0 is my preferred office suite now and I have not yet missed MS Office.

On a related note, there is a portable version of Open Office that can be carried around on a USB pen drive. You can see it here.


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  1. Jack has a point, but I'm gunshy.
    First, although I have not lost any posts lately, I can think of 6 blog posts that vanished into the ether, begging the new excuse, "the web ate my homework."

    Second, enterprise users I have surveyed are pretty unhappy with performance. The 'Net latency is a real turnoff.

    Third, there's the whole privacy/security thing. I guess we'll all be in secure HTTP shells a lot more often.

    Nevertheless, Jack is pointing to the future. It is going to be oh-so-hard for Microsoft to sell the next 200 million Office seats. The alernatives will increasingly include web apps.


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