Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Got one of these for Christmas

It's a USB powered "Lava" lamp. Thought it was to say the least interesting. LOL


  1. Huffie4:14 PM

    So how well does it work? Is any smoke rising from it or does it seem designed fairly well?

    You can't just drop in with a wacky (but hip) gadget and not gives us a review :-)

  2. I think this points out that we who run this blog need some sort of responsible disclosure policy because as soon as my wife saw this, she wanted one. I think she's ordering one now and I'd be a fool to stop her trying. All I can do is go along and tolerate whatever flashbacks it triggers. :)


  3. To Huffie:
    Ran it for 9 hours in my office yesterday and no smoke.
    To Jack:
    At least it's not too expensive ($10).
    If you remember the '60, you were not there. :-)


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