Tuesday, March 14, 2006

HD-DVD might not be ready, but Netflix is - HD Beat

I mentioned in the chat Sunday, how disappointed I was in SD (480i/Standard Definition (I think)) DVDs on an HDTV. I guess the HD TV signals I've been watching have spoiled me. To point out that I am doing this for more than selfish reasons. ;) I know at least of couple of our listeners/chatters use netflix, and I know at least a couple of our listeners/chatters have HDTVs, so in what I hope is a happy nirvana for several? of our participants, Netflix now has an option for HD DVDs.
From the accounts page under "Formats" you can configure your HD DVD options , such as if you have a HD DVD player and if you always want a HD DVD instead of DVD when available. There is now even a format column on your queue so you can see which HD DVD's are in your queue.

They say that HD DVD will be an option in March, but will there be players for them by then?
As a commenter pondered, will this increase wait times for the DVD arrival?
I'm curious about the same thing.
Does this mean a vote against Blu-Ray?
Does this mean I don't get to watch Sony DVDs? Is this a loss? :)
3/28/2006 is the first of Warner Home Video HD DVD launches.
Universal says March, 2006.
May 2006 is about when the first Blu Ray movies are gonna come out.
And more, more, more info at Wikipedia HD-DVD.
Please post corrections and opinions in the comments.
HD-DVD might not be ready, but Netflix is - HD Beat
UPDATE: Engadget.com reports HD-DVD movies: not coming soon.
Warner Home Video -- the only studio that had set a firm date for a rollout of HD-DVD movies -- has now backed off and won't commit to a specific timetable.

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