Monday, March 13, 2006

Watercooled XBox360 Shuttles onto mortal coil

While there are a lot of interesting things being pushed at CeBIT, this year, I really don't figure it's our job to point you to very many of them, as there are loads of sites doing nothing but that. This one has to be an exception, though.

It's a self-contained watercooling unit. It's shown fitted into a PC and an XBox 360. Not only does it have no tubing, but the article suggests it will be even smaller than shown by the time it is in it's final shape.

I've worked with unitized cooling rigs in other fields and, frankly, have long wondered why they were not an option in computers. Evidently there were some challenges posed by the size, which is about an order of magnitude smaller than anything I have worked with previously. Still, they're here and I'll bet we will be seeing a lot of them as time goes on.


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