Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wired News:'Free IPod' Takes Privacy Toll

Apparently Gratis Networks, who were doing gobs of Free "pretty much whatever you might want" I saw the ipods, of course, and there were xbox360s, I kinda ignored any other "free" offers , after a while...oops, I got distracted.
Eliot Spitzer, the New York Attorney General, "announced Monday that e-mail marketing giant Datran Media had agreed to a $1.1 million fine for knowingly buying marketing lists from companies with privacy policies that promised not to sell or transfer the lists to a third party."

The thing that struck me immediately, was that Datran Media got fined for purchasing a list. Gratis internet didn't get punished (yet, we can hope?) for renting lists.... I just read the article, haven't clicked on any of the more in-depth links. But, that puzzled me. Any enlightenment, please post in the comments.

Wired News:'Free IPod' Takes Privacy Toll

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