Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tyan brings supercomputing to the desktop

Alright; Jane, Joe, Pete, Gail, Riley and Aaron, here's what I want for my birthday. Get them now, while demand has yet to build.

It's a whole 'nother class of machine, as The Inquirer points out in the short article linked to above. The small form factor means I could put it into the space under my desk now occupied by two PCs and have quite a bit more power than all our computers combined to bark my shins on when I roll up in the chair.

Up to 16 cores, oodles of memory and all sorts of cooling capacity in a package most of us could find room for anywhere, even in the smallest cubicle. The Inquirer bit points out a few rough edges in this implementation, but they are liveable and will probably vanish before the rest of the cast has to start shopping for my present.

Expect to see more of these sorts of machines soon. I suspect we should call them "super workstations" or some other such moniker that affirms their use in the office, rather than the data center.


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  1. Thanks for the advance notice, we have plenty of time to save. Though, why are you picking on me, by putting my name first????? lol


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