Monday, February 26, 2007

KDE vs. Gnome

When I first started using Linux in 1998, there really were only two choices for the graphic desktop; KDE and Gnome. I chose KDE and stuck to that religiously for a long time. Now, I find myself using Gnome on my primary machine, XFCE on the machine I am using to post this, IceWM on another. Here in my home, KDE is not in sight unless my wife is using Linux. She still prefers KDE. We figure because KDE can be made to work more or less like the Windows desktop, it is easier for new users coming from Windows than some others. That is really the only reason she uses it; she can get around using much of the moves she already has and doesn't have to learn too many new ones.

Linus isn't enamored with Gnome and will tell you why in this post. I just wish everyone would get along. I like it because once I have it I don't really see the desktop at all, much less the window manager. That is how it should be, in my opinion. Others, who use their desktops differently than I do, disagree, and I have to honor that. In the end; it's all about the user and what she/he wants to do, isn't it?

Anyway; this short article contains the crux of the arguments for and against Gnome and KDE.


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