Friday, March 02, 2007

My Vista Upgrade

I know there are folks who post here who don't think upgrading an OS is a good idea. They go clean install every time. Hear me out on this and it might make you think about at least trying an upgrade.
My main computer in my office was running XP pro. I've had a generic host process crash problems, at start up, for years I could not pin down. It would also knock out the sound card for some reason. I changed almost all the hardware and uninstalled just about every program I have at one time or another. I'd be OK for a day or two and then problem would be back. When vista came out I wanted to try it on at least one computer. Figured why not this one? First Vista install scanner would not work. So, I gave up quick and uninstalled, New scanner driver just came out. So, I tried again. I did have to jump trough a bunch of hoops but, scanner does work now. I had to use the original CD for scanner and Vista got the driver off that. Yes, had to reinstall many programs anyway but, not all. Most important my crash problem seems gone. Done about two dozen reboots and all is well.
My point? I always try an upgrade for an OS. If it does not work well, so be it. I've only lost the time the upgrade took. comments?

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  1. I'm still in favor of clean installs, but you do make a valid point. The upgrade process is much improved with Vista's "image based" installer. There is no doubt about that and folks DO seem to be having much, much better results than they got in the past.

    I guess it is worth a try.



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