Sunday, April 01, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) This first one is a interesting site about Saturn. An article caught my eye talking about pictures of a large hexagon at the North Pole of the planet taken by NASA’s Cassini space craft. This got me looking around; I found this site where you can see a movie of the phenomenon, very odd the hexagon stays still while the clouds race around its borders, not mentioned, there is square shape over the pole, which also remains motionless. I also found it intriguing that the Voyager photographed the same feature 20 years ago on its fly-by, in 1980. While you are there click on the Cassini Photo Essay, top right, I was particularly struck by the size of one of the craters on the moon Mimas, and the variety of the shapes the moons have evolved into.

2) On this one I am not going to comment very much, as I’m trying to stay neutral when relating to any thing religious, or political, and this probably qualifies as a little of each. If you heard about the supposed miracle peace sign, on the White House lawn, and want to read up on it here is a link, personally I’m not sure how to take it, my only comment is the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that says picture number three, digitally enhanced.

3) The third link this week is compliments of our man Jack he sent me an email with a very nice URL included, one he found in Wired Magazine, and he thought it would fit nicely into the Gregg Zone. I think it is a perfect fit; it deals with what seems to be a small, but growing cadre of "fusioneers" building "Fusors" in their basements and garages. This web site is where these backyard experimenters who might be determining the future of our planet, exchange ideas, and swap notes. Might keep an eye on them with a small penny stock portfolio in mind, just in case, somebody is going to crack the puzzle one of these days. Thanks Jack for a great link, I am always looking for interesting stuff, so don’t be bashful, got something good , pass it on.

4) The last one I got for you this week is also thanks to Jack, I found it at the fusion site. No matter how you feel about electric cars, this one might have you intrigued. How do you feel about 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds, with a range of 250 miles on a charge, and only 3.5 hours for a full recharge; 100% torque immediately they say their favorite thing to do during a demo is ask the passenger to turn on the radio, then step on the accelerator, and watch them try to reach the knob. And it is a very nice looking car, a little pricy, but that may come down as fast as plasma T.V.’s once the technologies are out in the main stream.

5) Okay, okay one more Joe tells me it is April Fools Day, sorry I was reminded to late to come up with a tricky prank type thing this year, maybe next year, be warned. But in looking around, for something tricky I found this site with the top 100 April Fools Day pranks, I thought it was interesting, and entertaining reading. So I thought I would let my self off easy this time, and just put it up here.

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