Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Python on Planes

First was Microsoft's .NET development platform for web apps. To be blunt, it still leads the field and there was not much other than it to choose from.

Along came Ruby on Rails; the Ruby scripting language and the Rails development environment. That was as much a revelation as Microsoft's offering as the Rails RDE (Rapid Development Environment) was wonderful. The problem was the Ruby language, whose performance reminded (and still reminds) me of BASIC on an 8088.

Now comes Planes, which utilizes the Python scripting language and runtimes and whose output can be compiled to byte code, as well. If the Planes RDE is the equal of Rails, this one should win on performance. I've heard good things and am unhappy the Planes site seems to be overwhelmed by demand. It hasn't been working for hours.

I post this for those of you who may wish to fool with Rails, under Windows or Linux. Other platforms available soon. You might just be fooling around with the next big thing in web app development.


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