Sunday, April 01, 2007

PC Makers to Microsoft: "Vista Is Not a Seller. You Suck"

I don't agree with this article. Yes, everything in it may well be true. In fact; I'm pretty sure it is. What I don't agree with is the tone. I cannot see Vista as a failure, even though I don't care for it. It was released too early and still has a number of unresolved issues. So what? 95 and 98 had their own problems, too, and became runaway best sellers. I figure Vista will do that, as well.

Not that success won't take time. It will. And in all liklihood, a relaxation of the DRM contained in Vista's heart will have to take place. But MS will indeed make a success of Vista. Don't make a mistake thinking otherwise. MS is not staffed or led by stupid people and they will get it right. At least right in their own eyes and as their standards are pretty high, with the exception of the DRM fiasco, Vista will get a lot better.

In the mean; Vista gets painted as the Titanic of software.


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