Friday, April 06, 2007

Patch Tuesday Comes Twice in April - Security Fix

Brian Krebs at WaPo was the first place I ran into, in my rss feeds, about what was coming up on the official "Patch Tuesday." In the equal time category, he also writes:
Microsoft may not be the only large software vendor issuing updates next week. A number of other companies, most notably Apple, have been known to take advantage of "Patch Tuesday" to issue their own security updates. Microsoft took a pass on Patch Tuesday last month, but Apple used the occasion to push out fixes that plugged at least 46 individual security holes. Apple also issued another bushel of patches on February's Patch Tuesday.

Patch Tuesday Comes Twice in April - Security Fix
Then right after that (at least in my list (Security Fix, Welcome to the MSCRC(its alphabetical))), the MS Security Response Center blog posts the "'AS IS' with no warranties notification" about next weeks "Patch Tuesday."

P.S. Sorry about the nested parens.
P.P.S. Has anybody had trouble with the patch issued Tuesday, MS07-17, I've noticed a couple of news stories about it, and wondered about our reader's experience.

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