Thursday, August 10, 2006

Intel posts Linux-friendly GMA 3000 drivers

Intel has always been friendly to Free and Open Source Software and this is just more evidence that they are not averse to taking the risk of posting their code for the World plus their dogs to see. Of course, in this case, they hope to leverage that to gain feedback and perhaps help with what they admit is code unready for public release. I'm sure they will get plenty of both as more and more users demand Free Software drivers for use with Linux and other FOSS operating systems.

(Admittedly, the outcry for FOSS drivers is not coming from a great mob of people. In fact, the phenomenon is rather small, but gaining at a surprising rate. Just ask NVidia how many emails they receive on the subject. If they give a truthful answer, one that matches what my friend who works there reports, you will see this is not a minor dustup.)

As embedded graphics is the most common scheme used by OEMs, this can only be to the good for those of us who cannot afford a high end graphics adaptor and want to run Free Software and operating systems on our machines.


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