Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The myth of the living-room PC

I agree with the author. Part of it is the two foot, ten foot interface thing.

I think time is another thing. Everyone has different needs, but everyone only has so many hours in a day. I know that I spend more hours a day on satellite and broadcast radio, streaming audio, podcasts, YouTube, and Netflix, than I do on TV. I certainly do not want to dedicate a computer to such a limited pupose.

And have you ever tried to run a computer, only using a remote control? Need I say more.


  1. I think as iptv becomes more available, especially in HD, this will catch on. My thoughts are early adopters, or those with xbox 360s, are probably using the tv more as a media center. MythTV is another option, that will download bittorrents of shows that one would normally watch on tv.

  2. You call me reactionary or a Luddite, if you wish, but I don't think anything at all of the "Media PC" concept, nor of IPTV. The concepts, in their entirety, seem more like an excuse for certain companies to sell kit than anything else. I just don't see the benefits in it and a LOT things are going to have to change before I change my tune.

    Content first, gear later.


  3. not to mention broadband Jack :)


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