Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Microsoft backs GetHuman customer service plan

Microsoft and Nuance, a company that makes voice recognition software used in call center automation, have joined with GetHuman.com to set standards for customer service. It is a move that has been needed for a long time, though of course there is no guarantee it will come to full fruition. The presence of GetHuman.com's founder, Paul English is probably a very good sign, though, as he will not be prone to accept half measures.

I've really only ever had one bad time with Microsoft support. My largest complaints have been with HP and especially Xerox, where I once tried unsuccessfully to reach a human continuously for two solid days to place an order. Even the sales department was unreachable to me, due to their automated contact structure. They lost when I convinced the company to go with our second choice because they were reachable without delay or having to jump through hoops.


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  1. Dell is trying to improve their customer service. Its fascinating to read the flaws in the system that they currently have, and are working towards fixing.
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