Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Open-source router to take on Cisco

There have been and continue to be open source routers, but this is the first time I've seen one offered with a paid support program.

I have used some of the earlier "routers on a floppy", buth here and for commercial clients. I found them a really decent way to extend the useful life of an old PC and even a Pentium II at 233 MHz with only 64 megabytes of memory is capable of routing all the traffic in a fairly large office without breaking a sweat. I had one with exactly those specifications working in an office with 24 PCs and it ran like a champ for 3 years, until the hardware gave up.

As those had no firewall capabilities, I usually found it easier to actually install Linux and run that application alongside a software firewall. They were never an ideal solution, but they did serve.

Now, this company has a fully featured router app that will run on older hardware alongside today's fully featured firewall applications. You can download the software for yourself, though support costs money. It looks good.


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