Thursday, August 10, 2006

PC-BSD: The Most Beginner Friendly OS

I've mentioned PC BSD in our chats. I think I even mentioned it on the show. I have tried an earlier version and though I did not have completely compatible hardware, the experience was pleasant.

The link above will take you to a lightweight review of PC BSD at OS and I think you will find it informative and pleasant to read.

Once it is installed, PC BSD will look just like a Linux/KDE installation. It runs the same desktop environment (KDE) and a lot of the same software. The command line will be different, because the FreeBSD upon which PC BSD is built is a "true" Unix and not just very similar, as Linux is, but the GNU utilities, tools and applications are there, so it won't be all that foreign if you are acquainted with Linux. And I do believe PC BSD is well enough developed that a newbie can actually deal with it at least as well as the most newbie friendly Linux. Time and experience will tell if I am right in that, but I am confident in my statement.

PC BSD may or may not be nothing more than a blip on the alternative OS radar screen, but it does appear to meet a lot of needs and be something users can live with. Unfortunately, that does not guarantee success. Even so, I think this OS has a decent chance of winning a desktop following.



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