Monday, January 29, 2007

Blog Comment Apology

I'm sorry dear readers. Much to my dismay I just discovered that blog comments going back to June were not being moderated. This seems to be due to the fact that the e-mail address we had set up to notify administrators of new comments to be moderated was sending the notices into a black-hole. I certainly wasn't getting them. I had wondered why people had stopped leaving comments. So to fix this problem, as of this morning, I'm having comments for moderation being sent to me.

I also apologize for losing some legitimate comments. I accidentally pushed the wrong button, and once deleted, a comment is gone. This is unlikely to happen now that I will be seeing comments on a daily basis.

If you have given up on commenting here because your comments weren't being posted, please give it another try. I usually check my e-mail more than once a day so your comments will be posted in a more timely manner that they have been these past 7 months. I wish we could skip the moderation completely, but more than half the comments in our queue were clearly comment spam, so that is not a option. We are also still using captchas because that helps cut down on the volume of automated comment spam.

I do not moderate comments based on contrasting opinions, but rather based on whether the comment is spam, crude, inflammatory (as in personal attack), or lewd. We try to maintain a certain level of decorum. Sadly, I have to take or leave a comment in it's entirety so if you do, for example, use some of George Carlin's famous 7 words, your comment will be rejected. But I want to stress that differing opinions are welcome.

Some comment spam is a little tricky, especially when I don't have the original post in front of me, so if I do let a comment spam slip through, please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for your understanding and for accepting my sincere apologies.

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