Friday, February 02, 2007

AlaskaJoe and his Vista adventure!

Well after the show Sunday I started to reinstall Vista. I was hoping to install it on a SATA drive in the computer. (it has 2 SATA drives and an IDE.)
I tried to do a repair install booting from the DVD, That didn't go past the DVD Key. Next I booted to the version of Vista I had working. (I know all of the talk about you can't dual boot XP and Vista. (I have them on their own drive and at POST I hit Esc and go to the boot loader and pick the HD I want to boot XP or Vista :)
Now I have both of my 19" LCD monitors, my USB thumb drives work. I am a happy camper :) I also got Office Enterprise 2007 installed. I didn't have any prolems installing my two network printers. (One is a Laser connected to my server 2003's print server, and the other is a network all-in-one HP and it connects via IP.) I can NOT scan from my all-in-one, HP has drivers listed, then when you go to their page it says they don’t have Vista drivers and are working on it.

Now to install the rest of my apps like, Gaim, FireFox. NeoTrace
I was able to run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor., it said everything on my computer would run, in Device manager under Other devices I still have 2 Unknown devices, my RAID controller and my web cam all are not working. The problem is how do I find the right drivers when it says Unknown device?

A friend just told me about how to fo a clean install of Vista from the UpGrade DVD. (See the BLOG from 01-30-07.) It’s so easy I can’t believe it. I was going to start my third try at a (clean) install of Vista today, however this box is running good now and I’m to lazy to start over. I will do the clean install the next time.

I NEVER do UpGrades to an OS, that always brings the garbage along from the old OS, I was disappointed Microsoft made Vista so you had to have XP installed before you could UpGrade. You used to be able to just insert your Win98SE CD when it looks to see if you had a previous version of Windows.

To be continued!

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  1. To try to find unknown devices, look in the device properties and try to find the Device Instance ID on the Details Tab. Then Google on all or part of the string you find there. It may take several tries, but try the whole thing first.


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