Monday, January 29, 2007

No More Clean Installs Using Upgrade Discs With Windows Vista

Alaska Joe found this out the hard way with the Vista CD from his action pack.

Which would you do? Go through the hassle and possible failure of the upgrade install, or buy a full version? Either way Microsoft is making out like a bandit.

First the numerous and confusing Vista versions and now this! I feel like MS is at war with its honest customers, because of course real pirates will find ways around all of this. This keeping the honest people honest business is getting tiresome. Just what is activation and WGA for anyway?

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  1. I guess upgrading to the non beta blogger is one way to see who posts :)

    This reduces some of my enthusiasm about the $49 family license, for sure. This is just bizarre. Could one assume there is less on the upgrade disc than the full version?? It seems to me like it just a pyramid scheme on the part of MS. (and I thought I was the only one who commented on the blog lately :) )


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