Sunday, January 28, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) If you liked last weeks Sky Car you should love this one, “The Space Elevator”. First envisioned by Arthur C. Clark in his Sci-Fi novel “The Foundations of Paradise”, that’s the guy who suggested a network of synchronistic orbital satellites to form a communication network in 1945, before I was born, at the time they said that was impossible.

Well it seems thanks to the development of nano tubes we may see the space elevator before the Sky Car. NASA is working on development now offering X-Prizes for technological ideas, and prototypes. They say it can be built in ten years from the start date. One of the things I found most interesting was that the orbital speed of the platform is sufficient to send craft to the Moon; and Mars without any engine for propulsion, only needing power for guidance and life support.

Here is the link to PBS’s Nova site with video aired on Jan. 9, 2007 of the X-Prize competition, an explanation of how the elevator works, and some great links for further information, I would suggest reading the Q&A, and checking out the nano tube link in the links section.

2) When I discovered this site I felt like a kid walking past a candy store finding a $100.00 bill lying on the side walk, it was that kind of a rush for me. It’s a large site over 40 gigs so it takes some time to load, but your patience will be rewarded. I am a fan of science fiction, old radio shows, and Art Bell, and this site has it all, there must be over two thousand mp3 downloads here. there is a link at the very top of the page for a screen reader or text version I think it is a little easier to navigate that version. There might be some kind of legal issue involved as the subscriber oriented Coast site archives the last ninety days, and it seems everything here is at least that old. If you are looking for a more recent show, read on about cjob.

Here is a partial listing of what is there: Art Bell well over a thousand shows, Zero Hour, Bradbury 13, Buck Rogers, Dream Land, Hogland at Joshua Tree, Tales from the Morgue, Bad Apples, Magicians Nephew, Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian, Voyage of the Dawn Threader, Cinnamon Bear, Destination Venus, Doctor Who, Douglas Adams, Flash Gorden, Journey Into Space, Mindwebs, Mysterious Theater, Space Force One, Space Patrol, Star Trek, Star Wars, Twilight Zone, UFO Interviews, and there is a lot of misc. also.

As far as Art Bell shows go, the easiest way to find a particular show is by using the guest list at the coast to coast site, once you find the name of the guest, there will be a listing of the dates they were on the radio, then, you can search the gmms site for that date. The gmms site has many listings for shows, some are repeated more than once, some have the commercials edited out some not, so you might want to play around with different donators.

There is also a link for “cjob” on the right side of the gmms page this will give you recent coast to coast shows, I have not used it yet so I’m not sure how it works. It seems you need to know the date of the show, and while they don’t have a detailed listing of show guests here that info will be available at the coast site. Zach in Chat just e-mailed me saying cjob will play one hour at a time, just use the drop down arrows enter the date and hour, and you are good to go, he says it works great.

Here is another link to a different site with the same type of material, a little different and not as extensive but useful, . The site is Sangi’s Secret Archive. Being smaller it loads faster, so if you don’t have broad band you might try this first. They also include some information on some of downloads, such as good, poor, edited for commercials, that sort of thing. Always on the alert for more sites, if you have something to pass on please let me know.

A late add on, I just found this it is a site for coast to coast listeners, has links and times for every radio station on the net, comes in handy when the local radio station has trouble, you want to listen to a rebroadcast at a station that repeats, or you are out of range and experiencing fade out.,com_weblinks/catid,96/Itemid,4/

3) This is a site that is a little above my pay grade, my computer expertise is rather limited a very well known fact to those who are always helping me out of my current predicament (stop chuckling Joe). Any way I do use Google a lot, when I found this it got me to read it, I’m still not sure weather it bothers me or not, if you think I should be concerned, worried, or take some action about it I would like to hear from you. Any way I thought some of you might be interested so take a look and see what you think

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